So if you are here currently considering me to share in one of the biggest most amazing days of your life it's only fair I tell you a little about me.. 

I'm a bubbly north QLD girl who grew up boating and snorkelling the reef.

 I love Mojtios, Ink Gin and Sushi. My friends think I wear way to much white ( promise not to do that on your wedding day)

I'm obsessed with long veils, Jimmy choo shoes, Golden light, Bow ties , Lush greenery and amazing floral displays. And well I'm obviously obsessed with cameras ( would be a little weird if I wasn't) 

I Speak fluent wedding - This is defiantly the language I feel most confident with. I live and breath art.  And if I'm on the phone I'm probs doodling. 

When I'm not crashing weddings and reading / writing wedding blogs. you can find me at he beach with my little family or out having sneaky cocktails with friends.

And well that's me in a nut shell. 

Kim X