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Family photography is where my business began. I was a camera loving new mum who was madly in love with my two boys and decided maybe other families would love some moments captured by me.  Since then over the past 7 years I have had the privilege in sharing in so many beautiful family moments and I still get excited when I book a session.  What you can expect from a sessions with me is a candid relaxed time. Children have this beautiful way of finding joy and their natural smiles and laughs are infectious. That is why my sessions are only gently posed and involve lots of movement.

I believe that beautiful moments and images don't happen unless the are attached to a positive experience. So for that reason I aim for my sessions to be full of running, jumping, playing, games, cuddling and laughter.  

Sessions for Families start at 190 and families who are followers on my Instagram platform receive a discount

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